Challenge Intro

Welcome to the Brunch Body Challenge.

This 60 Week program will focus on improving your strength and endurance. Using our core training movements, as well as steady state cardio, you will increase your intensity through a volume based approach.

Key Points

This program’s goal is to provide you a foundation to develop a healthy lifestyle and sustain it over a prolonged period of time.

Don’t let the numbers intimidate you:

If you decide to complete all 3 Challenges of the program, the progressive overload from week 1 to week 60 is gradual and achievable.

During Calisthenics:
Push yourself to failure but not to injury.
Take breaks when you need to, both in-between sets as well as during longer sets when needed.
Listen to your body.

During Cardio:
Focus on the distance, if you have to walk, walk.
There is an element of mind over matter. Completing a circuit, even at a snail’s pace, will make it easier to complete the next time you attempt it. It is easier to visualize something you have already done. Your body will adapt.

*If at any point you feel you are regressing or have reached your limit please use the maintenance programs until you feel ready to move forward.