Quarterly Journal

Date _____________

Which parts of my day require my total presence? How might they be impacted this quarter?
How will I adjust?

Are there any personal projects I would like to start or continue this quarter?
What actions are needed to pursue my personal projects?

Any subjects I want to learn more about?
What actions do I need to take in regards to continuing education?

Do I need to clear anything up with anyone?

Is there anything I need to let go of?

Has my routine, especially my morning routine, improved my overall outlook on my well-being?
if not, What could I change?

Am I meeting my dietary expectations? Do I need to make any adjustments to my calorie intake?
Do I need to make adjustments to my macros?

BMR Check

For men: BMR = 10(Weight(lbs.)/2.205) + 6.25(Height(in)*2.54) – 5(Age) + 5

For women: BMR = 10(Weight(lbs.)/2.205) + 6.25(Height(in)*2.54) – 5(Age) – 161

Current Weight BMR:__________

Desired Weight BMR:__________