Questions About the Fitness Guide

Your workout program looks similar to “X” program, why should I switch to your program?

Our fundamental program has been developed from adapting proven techniques through trial and error with over 20 years of experience. We do not claim to have a monopoly on improving athletic performance. We do believe the three base compound movements provided in the guide, along with cardio, is the simplest, affordable, and effective way to develop habitual physical prowess and continuity.

I can’t do push-ups do you have an alternative?

We currently have a 12 week program aim towards going from zero to one push up. Alternatively, you can swap out any of the exercises that are more suited for your needs.

Your challenges are too hard, do you have anything easier?

Currently no, but we are working on making more programs for all skill levels.

Isn’t this just calisthenics? Can I add more exercises? Can I lift free weights and do yoga too?

Yes. Although, we recommend using the base three exercises continuously to develop long lasting fitness habits. You can add as many exercises to the program as you can handle. We do recommend you follow our progressive overload pattern, using pyramidal training and alternating repetition volume, to increase your lactic threshold throughout your body and improve your overall endurance.